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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Teabaggers said, "I don't care!"

My take on the debt ceiling negotiations, with apologies to Maurice Sendak:

One day Obama said
When Tea Partiers climbed out of bed
-The debt ceiling must be raised, or we’ll default.
Teabaggers said, “I don’t care!”
On taxes we’ll compromise.
“I don’t care!”
Cut down what government buys.
“I don’t care!”
We’ll be glad to negotiate.
“I don’t care!”
Hurry before it’s too late!
“I don’t care!”
You are acting like a clown.
“I don’t care!”
The world’s watching with a frown.
“I don’t care!”
If we don’t act the market will crash.
“I don’t care!”
Our credit rating will be in the trash.
“I don’t care!”
So Obama caved and gave away the store.

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